That Voice Inside Your Head.

The little voice inside your head has some serious power over your motivation during workouts. I see it time and time again that people say they can’t do something or that they don’t have the drive to keep continuing on with there workout or diet routine. The great thing about being a strength and conditioning coach, personal trainer, health & wellness coach, etc. is that we get to see you from an outside perspective of what you see. Great coaches have innate ability to record every training session and movement pattern a person has inside there heads. This ability allows us to have immediate recall of knowing whether you really can or can not complete something. A great coach then will utilize the information they have and use it to motivate you as best as they can. If your coach / trainer can’t do that amongst many other things…then they suck.

So how can you improve your own little voice? Improve your self-talk.

Self-talk includes all the purposeful and random thoughts that run through your mind. It can be positive, motivational, instructional, and more often than not…negative. The negative talk that goes on in your head can have serious effects on your training session. It will create anxiety and can create physical tension which leads to impaired motor coordination.

Types of Negative Self-Talk
-Focusing on the past or future
-Mistakes or weaknesses
-Focusing only on outcomes
-Things out of your control
-Demanding Perfection

Turn it Around!!!

Identify areas to change
     •Find areas where you are generally negative. Start small and get bigger
Check Yourself
     •Stop and evaluate yourself periodically though the day
     •Give yourself permission to smile or laugh, especially during difficult times
Surround yourself with positive people
     •Positive, supportive people who give helpful advice and feedback. No debbie-downers
Practice Positive Self-Talk
     •Try not to say anything to yourself that you would say to someone else. If negative thoughts enter your mind, evaluate them and find out why they are there and what can be changed.


Ways to develop your Positive Self-Talk

•Create your own simple affirmation that you say to yourself in tough situations
Practice Multiple Scenarios
•Use your practice time to use visualization or real practice to put yourslef into negative self-talk situations and work your way out of them through self-talk
Mental Images
•Use your self-talk to create a image of yourself actually doing what you want yourself to do

Give these techniques a shot and be sure to let me know in the comments below your thoughts and your own strategies and if they have helped improve your training sessions.


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