Dieting Tips & Tricks – Home and at Work

In an effort to get a better grasp on dieting programs and fat loss it should be a persons first priority to find the underlying reason why they want to pursue a diet, not just a lame excuse to lose weight. Also, individuals need to understand the importance of behavior modifications for the success of a diet to work.


In order to create a behavior modification for lifelong weight and fat management, there are strategies in helping you change certain environments. Your home environment is usually the hardest to change, especially for adults. (1) In your home you can choose to eat only while sitting down at the kitchen or dining room table. This will take away from eating at the television, while reading, cooking, talking on the phone. (2) Do not keep bad foods in the house. (3) For tempting food that is bought for others, keep it out of sight. (4) Stay out of the kitchen unless you are preparing a meal. (5) Keep fresh fruit and healthy snacks near the easiest accessible place.

Secondly, your work environment can be a nightmare of bad habits. Some suggestions are to (1) not eat at your desk or keep bad foods at your desk. (2) Plan healthy snacks between meals. (3)go for a walk during breaks. (4) Chew gum so that you are deterred from eating junk food. (5) Do not skip meals, this will slow down your metabolism.

Lastly, your mealtime environment is an area that usually breeds overindulgence. (1) Do not keep the meal dishes on the table. (2) Your plate should be half vegetables, a quarter starch, and a quarter protein. (3)Use smaller plates and glasses, limit your portions to appropriate sizes.

Hopefully this gives you all some ideas and steps to take to help stay on the diet you have chosen. Diets can be extremely difficult and most do not succeed. Altering a few things in your home or at your workplace can help you stay on track and eventually, create a behavioral change that is consistent with a healthy diet.