About Me

I love the human body. Truly, there is nothing more fascinating than seeing how the human body adapts over the course of time to a training stimulus. I have spent years researching and developing my own methodologies on training, nutrition, and sport psychology. I spent 5 years as a United States Marine, earned a Bachelors and Masters in Kinesiology, and have coached the full spectrum of individuals, from the stay at home moms to professional MLB and NFL stars. My diverse background has given me a wide perspective on training and coaching that allows me to adapt and create training programs and strategies that benefit those I train.

Fitness and fitness ideas have not changed dramatically in the last few decades, cardio is good, weights are fantastic, etc. It’s the paths and options you take to achieve your goals that make things different. You have the choice to listen to thousands of different people’s opinions on training programs, nutrition tips, and ways to improve your life. I feel that my diverse background and experience that has taken me around the world, across the country, working with normal everyday people to the Division 1 athlete, gives me an advantage over the masses.

So kick back, grab a beverage of choice and click on a few articles that interest you. Hopefully there is something here that will educate you and help improve your training or lifestyle. Cheers!